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The Safety Plan for Valley of Life Ministries
regarding COVID-19

During the uncertain times of Covid -19, we want to take every available precaution to ensure the safety of our parishioners. Valley of Life Ministries would like to do all things decent and in order.

The following safety precautions have been established

  1. The worship attendance capacity is 50 persons due to CDC social distancing recommendations.

  2. All attendees (members & guest) will wear facial coverings and practice social distancing.

  3. Temperatures will be checked by the safety team at 11:00 AM service.

  4. Upon entry, everyone will have hand sanitizer available.

  5. Members or guests with temperatures of 99  F and above will be asked to return for next week’s service.

  6. If the maximum designated capacity is reached, worshippers and guests will be asked to return for the next worship experience. 

  7. Members and guests will be asked to follow directions of deacons to designated areas for seating.

  8. There will be no hymnal books or bibles displayed for use. The order or service will be displayed on the monitors. 

  9. Children will remain with their parent(s), guardian, foster parent, in the sanctuary during children period. 

  10. All department ministries (ex. Praise Team Ministry, Outreach Ministry, etc.) will have their temperature checked prior to entering the church facility.

  11. They will always practice social distancing 5-6 feet and wear a facial covering.

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