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Our Mission , Our Purpose , Our Requirements



The mission of the nonprofit organization is to empower families in the community by creating safe and affordable homes to low income and homeless families. This will enable families to maintain a home and to become a homeowner with pride, stability, and long-term self-sufficiency.

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Our purpose is to purchase homes, renovate homes, and make them affordable to low income and homeless families.  In addition to this, we intend to create safe communities and reduce recidivism by providing affordable homes for the future homeowners. Ultimately, our goal to see families in the community stabilized in a safe home. Therefore, Community Restoration Outreach Inc. requires that the recipient of a home must

Requirements for receiving a home

  1. Receive the Goodwill Training Program with completion 

  2. Must maintain employment for 6 consecutive months.

  3. Complete Columbus Neighbor works Program and obtain a certification of completion.

  4. Recipient is responsible for all legal fees. 


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