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Jeremy Hunt

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At a young age, Georgia native Jeremy Hunt learned what it meant to serve.


His parents, both evangelical ministers, live their lives for others. Jeremy's childhood home was never empty: those in need were always invited for a warm meal and a place to stay during tough times. And Jeremy accompanied his parents as they visited sick church members in hospitals.


He learned that being a Christian meant more than attending church services, it meant selfless service.


West Point military graduate

Spent five years as an active-duty Army West Point intelligence officer.

Deployed in Ukraine


Now a Husband and Father

Jeremy's concern for the future of our country grew even more once he and his wife were blessed with a little girl.

He decided to run for U.S. Congress to  preserve the American dream for the next generation.


He’s often joined on the campaign trail by his wife—Ky—and their two-year-old, Kinsley.


The pillars of his campaign are faith, family and community.

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